01 October 2007

Do You Miss The Weekly World News?

You're walking through the woods on a sunny day when you notice some sort of structure ahead.

Something besides nature inhabits these woods.

What exactly have you stumbled upon, you ask yourself?

Oh, my FSM!, you think. Could this be the near-mythical Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago)?

Indeed it is, my friends. For the first time EVER, this reporter has managed to obtain photographic evidence of the habitat of the elusive Phydeaux Speaks. Unfortunately, when your intrepid reporter attempts to move closer, the vicious guard kitties are alerted to his presence.

Heart thudding in his chest, this intrepid reporter slowly backs away from the vigilant feline sidekicks, making soothing noises.

Luckily for him, the reporter escapes unscathed.


In unrelated news, BBC Overnight, the freakin' BBC, is wasting a whole segment on the latest Britney Spears whatever-the-fuck-she's-doing/has done-now. Aaarghh!

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