02 October 2007

do you want your now back?

If I had to summarize the source of this ranting that we all seem so intent on venting, I'd have to say that we 're missing our now. ( I speak here in generalizations, some of us have our now, some only now and then, ( can you have your now then?), and some more than others ). Now then, as I was saying.... now what was I talking about, oh yeah...Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their now. There now, I said it.

If your planning for your future right now, or thinking about last night, you might be missing your now, or you could be lacking all together in nowknowledge. Now, now let's not get silly.
A little late for that, silly I mean, not now.

If you've lost your now, and you'd like to have it back, or if you've never had had a now and would like to try one, I now present this dissertation for your sampling.

Now don't get greedy!

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