13 October 2007

You Can't Tell a Book By Its Cover

Reason #299,458,978 why America is no longer the Best Nation on the Planet.

Get out of the fucking SUV and walk yourself, you lazy and clueless idiot!

When I lived in downtown Asheville several years ago, I would often observe my neighbor use the car to travel the 1/2 block to the convenience store or the 3/4th of a block to Bojangles for food. There was a time when I would react with mirth at the laziness exhibited, but it didn't take long for the sheer stupidity of this repeated act to really get under my skin. This neighbor was fit, healthy and liberal... and chose to climb into the mobile personal environment chamber so as not to be "tired out" or "cold" or "hot". Ugh.

Where I live now, the nearest store is a mile and a half away, and approximately 600' lower in elevation. And yet, one of my neighbors walks down there fairly often, instead of taking his truck. And this dude's in his "extremely late" 50's, not to mention a Republican apologist.

I asked him about it one day, when I stopped at the store on my way home from work, and was turned down when I offered him a lift home. I wondered if he walked because of a doctor's recommendation. He surprised me by saying that he didn't see the point in burning the gas when he a) wasn't in a hurry (he's retired), b) could enjoy the countryside and wave at whatever folk happened to be out in their yards as he walked by and c) could maybe show the "young'uns" a better way.

Color me shocked and pleased.

(photo h/t to Arratik at Scrutiny Hooligans)

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