17 October 2007

The Environment: We Can't Live Without It!... Part 2

In the comments on this post, which mentioned mountaintop removal coal mining, The Cunning Runt linked to the following video, which is part one of a series that can be found here. As TCR said:

If anyone thinks removing mountain tops (and frequently whole mountains) is bad, just consider that the toxic tailings are subsequently used to fill in the watersheds in between the leveled peaks, killing EVERYTHING DOWNSTREAM. Fish, birds, mammals, people, farms, towns, estuaries.

It's horrific, it's disgusting, and it MUST. BE. STOPPED.

Pay close attention to the scale of these projects. They're not just clearing a spot for a new Wal-Mart here, these are whole fucking mountains being wiped away.

I weep for our planet, and all that inhabit it.

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