31 December 2010

On The Sixth Day of Christmas....

We (and it's we now because Jen has been doing most of the painting) finished [basically] the bunk beds!

Since my last posting, this has happened:

After removing the old bunks, Raxi helped us carry in the new pieces

I had decided to reuse the old side rails and slats, so we had to line up and drill holes for those bolts

once the bottom was in place we brought in the top

18 majillion bolts later, it was all together!

And now it's mostly painted!

28 December 2010

Stay On Target, or Bunk Bed Saga - Part Foot

Back on track today, I went to the lumber yard to get some 1x10s for the shelves that will be at the foot of the bed (I had bought 1x6s originally, but we decided that deeper shelves would be better).  I cut and sanded the shelves, then began the assembly:

shelves laid out, ready to begin bolting

The semi-tedious part, tightening 24 4" lag bolts*, begins:

12 down 12 to go

them bolts is tight  
Then the really tedious part, tightening 24 6" lag bolts:

thassa lotta bolt
But I did have help, feline:

"I getchu a bolt"

and torque:

kitteh say "puuush"

a wrenching experience  
Finally, it were done:

This footshelf unit is 9 Jambas high

Tomorrow, the headboard and, hopefully, some assembly in the bedroom!

27 December 2010

Wherein the Track Gets Sided

Where were we...

Oh, right, I was building bunk beds for the girls for Christmas.

Well, that didn't get done, thanks of a combination of a spell of vertigo on my part and lack of the exact right tools (I needed an auger bit to get the holes drilled properly).  So, on Christmas day, the girls each got a 1x4, and I showed them the drawing of what will be their new beds.  They were/are thrilled. :)

Also, with my new monitor I had to remove the shelf unit on my desk, as it was built to fit around the old, smaller monitor. So today, I decided to build the new shelf unit (because all the stuff I had on the old one is in a box, and, as it's pretty much all stuff I use on a regular basis, I don't like being able to get to it).  And the girls are at their dad's until Saturday, so I've got time.

But first, I decided to [finally] build my workbench, some of the material for which has been in the carport for several months.  Using that and the  cut-offs from the bed lumber, I put together a workable workbench (is there any other kind?).

legs and top frame assembled

cutting the top boards

instant (almost) worktable!!

Ahhh, now I can cut/nail/screw/sand/assemble up at a comfortable height and not on the floor (or on the kitchen counter)!

On to the shelf unit, which I had drawn up on Google Sketchup:

new shelves on old desktop

My photographer was busy elsewhere while I was putting it together, so no action shots, but here's the thing, done and in place (varnish still just a bit tacky so I haven't loaded it down yet):

ta da!

As you can see, although I got sidetracked, I still accomplished a good bit.  Tomorrow, it's back to the bunks.  But now I'll be able to use my new workbench!!

23 December 2010

...Our Story So Far...

Following up on yesterday's post, I've now done all the cuts (thanks to Jen's NB1 for the loan of the Skil saw - cutting 4x4s with a handsaw wouldnae been much fun) and now have ....

Pile o' Bed

Pile o' Bed 2

Next step, drilling all the holes and, as Norm Abram would say it, "assembuly".

Then it's off to the finish room -- oh, wait. This isn't The New Yankee Workshop, and I don't have a finish room. But I will be staining and polyurethaning my li'l brains out this afternoon and in the morning.

22 December 2010

Stay Tuned...

... as I turn this:

4x4s, 2x4s, 1x4s, and 1x6s awaiting their fate
which is also this:

and a sheet of plywood, which
 and also too as well this:

is in the trades called a "potato chip" because it's all warped (not a problem)

 into this:

for Robin and Julia's Christmas present.

13 December 2010

First Blog Christmas Song of the Season

Frank Kelly's "Christmas Countdown" (heard on the LiveIreland Celtic Christmas Radio )