23 April 2010

As the Man Said, Like...

(click image to read small print)
"the Man" being Lockwood DeWitt, over at his blog.

18 April 2010


I think I might have posted this here before, but the subject came up in discussion elsewhere,... so, here again by popular -- well, not unpopular -- demand, me singing as part of a quartet, during the pre-show entertainment for Horn in the West, August 1996:

The song is "Knock Under", which is a sometime part of the play (it wasn't at that time). Also, apologies for the bad quality, it's a recording of the TV playing the VHS tape.

16 April 2010

Lluvia Grande

Remember that video I posted about a year ago, of a torrential downpour? Well, it's that time of year again. My camera batteries need recharging, so I couldn't do video today, but I did take a couple still photos afterward, one of which turned out okay....

That catches the darkness of the rain-soaked wall and the fog off towards the mountaintops rather nicely, I do believe.

14 April 2010

Why I Like Reading the Christian Science Monitor

The option included destinations such as asteroids, Lagrange points on the Earth's orbital path around the sun that could be sites for space stations, and Mars.

How many of you know what a "Lagrange point" is?

(it's this)

I'm not so thrilled with the Obama Administration's plans for the US' future presence in space -- not so much the whats, but the whens... article here.

12 April 2010

Monday Music

Little Feat - "Let It Roll"

09 April 2010

Ominous Wallbird Breaking; A Post in Three Pictures

Looking North just before sunset a couple days ago

There were four birds, three of them fighting, and a gust of wind blew one off the wall.

Raxi is weird.  And broken often.

05 April 2010

Yea Duke!!

Congrats to the Blue Devils, 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions!!