03 April 2011

Today in Building Stuff

So Jen's had this futon couch for almost 15 years, and over the last few months (exacerbated, no doubt, by almost-a-teen angst-flopping) it has been getting pretty creaky.  Today was the day to fix it:

Not good.
The supports, they are missing.

"Wait.  What?"  We managed to move the cushion without moving the cat.
Cushion moved to table, and cat content, off to the lumber yard I betook meself.
Rule is: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Got the needed dimensional lumber, made some cuts....
A bit of analog cipherin' to figger spacing...
Pondered some....
Some screws, and it's ready for cushion!
Assembled some....
Ta Da!

A usable couch, and the first part of building a Brand New Couch is done. For what ever time we decide we want a Brand New Couch.