21 November 2010

Quote of the .... However Long It's Been Since I Posted Anything

On the myth of "Liberal Media":

Furthermore, as far as I can tell, this 'liberal media' meme is not just a necessary article of faith for the culties, but also increasingly a total fallacy. The rest of the media follows along the news cycle that starts with the Conservative cult media - they are still looking at it from a traditional perspective, where they're trying to 'outscoop' by getting to these stories first. They have yet to realise that this is futile, because FOX and the cult media manufactures these stories, and thus they cannot be beaten to the scoop. And so they continue following along, reporting on the stories that appear to be catching public attention, apparently oblivious to the fact that these stories are created out of whole cloth by an agenda-driven propaganda machine.
By the commenter Renaissance_Man at Little Green Footballs