27 December 2011

Buildering Stuff

I decided to make some folding TV tables, now that I have all the tools. I began by looking online for free plans, but the hundreds of "leads" all led to the same page, which was just written instructions which were difficult to follow. So, of course, I just started making....
First, I cut the pieces for the top (1"x4" ripped [using my new table saw!] on the small dimension to get ½"x4" pieces), the frame (1"x2" ripped to 1"x1") and legs (1"x2").  The legs have the angle cut so they'll sit flat on the floor when the table is in use, and the frame pieces are mitred so no end grain will show (which is why I wanted a frame in the first place, to hide the end grain of the top pieces).
After cutting a rabbet for the top pieces to lay into, I put the frame pieces together with glue and brads and had this.

I then started work on the underside,... the cross supports for the top (to which the outer legs would be attached) and to which the top pieces were glued.  This took some time, because I had to reconfigure the pieces a couple of times to make sure everything would be strong enough in the end.
And then the inner legs, with braces and ½" dowel hinge pins (and a stop board I had to add so the legs wouldn't splay all the way to the top frame).
And VIOLA!!! One folding TV tray.

I still have to put a finish on it (polyurethane varnish), and build another one, but at least I finished this much by Christmas morning for an 'official' unveiling.

The End.

12 December 2011

Christmas Song

No, not Mel Torme's classic, but a classic in its own right....

"Dear Nuala" (12 Days of Christmas).