28 December 2010

Stay On Target, or Bunk Bed Saga - Part Foot

Back on track today, I went to the lumber yard to get some 1x10s for the shelves that will be at the foot of the bed (I had bought 1x6s originally, but we decided that deeper shelves would be better).  I cut and sanded the shelves, then began the assembly:

shelves laid out, ready to begin bolting

The semi-tedious part, tightening 24 4" lag bolts*, begins:

12 down 12 to go

them bolts is tight  
Then the really tedious part, tightening 24 6" lag bolts:

thassa lotta bolt
But I did have help, feline:

"I getchu a bolt"

and torque:

kitteh say "puuush"

a wrenching experience  
Finally, it were done:

This footshelf unit is 9 Jambas high

Tomorrow, the headboard and, hopefully, some assembly in the bedroom!

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