18 October 2007

nothin toit but to doit

Since my natural person is near and dear to me, indeed inseparable, I'm posting when I should be commenting (never could play by the rules) on the West Virginia makeover video. Looks like Utah's coming. And if that makes you sick, try project censored if you've not already been there. A good idea would be to post a reference in libraries, they need more visibility.

I opened with "natural person" because that is the discrepancy found in the headnotes (not legally binding yet practiced anyway) of the Santa Clara County vs Southern Pacific RR. If you're not familiar with the case look it up, it explains alot. Maybe if we start using the terms, natural persons and artificial persons, for humans and corporations, respectively, than people will begin to think more in those terms.

According to the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, (info@celdf.org) there are two towns in the country to dethrone their corporate nemesi. It's a start.

Back at project censored, I read yesterday that McDonalds and Disney were attempting to gain
status in the UN!

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