10 October 2007

Phydeaux Phans the Phlames of Phriendship

Hey, All!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Phydeaux's "Phyrelight Phorum of Phriends"! Grab a log - err, kona, I mean a seat - and some marshmallows! I've built a "beer weir" in the creek to keep the brews and mixers cold (I even put some [*shudder*] Bud Lite in there for you, pido).

So, as they say at The Varsity in Atlanta, "Whayahave?"

And remember my motto:

"If it happens at Phydeaux's, he ain't cleaning it up! Seriously, show a little responsibility, willya? You damn kids these days! I swear if we had acted like that when I was a young'un, we woulda had our hides tanned, but good!"

(yeah, I need to work on the wordiness, don't I)

Major league kudos to Jennifer for phixing up that foto!!!

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