03 October 2007

I've Been Here And I've Been There

A month or so ago, TheCunningRunt put up the post, Two Americas. As I was working on my own post, Do You Miss The Weekly World News?, I was thinking about TCR's post and how I have lived in both Americas.

This is where I live now:

And this is where I lived ten years ago:

The living room pictured above is, for reference sake, more than twice the square footage of the Secret Lair (aka '73 Winnebago). Not to mention the 25'+ cathedral ceiling.

I enjoyed living in that 5,000 square foot house, as much for the location as anything else, but I'm just as happy where I am now, thank you very much. Although I do miss the fireplace....

(The pictures of the house I used to live in, which is now a vacation rental property, were taken from this web site. If you're thinking about vacationing in the Boone, NC area and are willing to pay $1300(!!!) for a weeks lodging, I highly recommend the house. And, no, I'm not associated in any way with the property manager....)

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