29 September 2007

it's gotta burn a hole in your craw

Like the man said, I'm a neofight at this gizmo here. But in the short time that I've been online I surmise that there's a lot of angry ranting along with a lot of angry ranting support.

Anybody read RULES FOR RADICALS, by Saul D. Alinski? Great book! Saul was an activist during the witch hunt days of the fifties. He was also influential in gaining a voice for the African American movement. I mention the book because it offers insight into his way of tackling the deaf ear.

Does anyone have a rough tally of how many folks out there choose to not WORSHIP the money god? Everyone that's alternatively minded, 36.5 million in poverty, the meagerly paid working class, in short everyone who is not profiting from this wacky world, and that's a lot of people. They may not all be like you and me, but we all share the common thread of oppression, and that should take precedent over all our differences. Join them in conversation.
Be nice, not angry, we need numbers. It's not so much like minds that we seek, as it is the common thread that binds us.

It's gotta burn a hole in your craw enough to step away from the keyboard, and out of your safety zone. Talk to a stranger about what oppresses them. Connect. Circulate petitions, get names, mailing addresses, ( real and virtual), phone numbers, be nice, pin point a cause, collect money and go for it. Write congress . Clog up their emails with rants. Work smart, where it will be effective. Work it will be.

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