12 September 2007


Sometime in the very near future (probably in the next couple of weeks), a "dirty" bomb will detonate somewhere in Israel. Hezbollah (and therefore Iran) will be blamed, and the Current Occupant will, along with the Israelis, initiate a massive air and missile strike (as has been written about here, here, and here - to link to three of a multitude) taking out the nookyular, military, and governmental command and control infrastructure of Iran.

The price of crude oil will instantly shoot to $125/bbl (probably more, it hit $80/bbl today). China and Russia, who have recently signed energy agreements with Iran will not be happy - China holds a great deal of US debt and Russia has lots of nookyular warheads that are still pointed at the US.

Here in the Father Homeland, the Current Occupant will activate the "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive", declare "marshall" law, and any who dare to speak out against this heinous action will be "disappeared".

The United Nations will vote unanimously to condemn the Bush malAdministration, which will get them a one way ticket out of New York.

Kim Jung Il will use the fact that the rest of the world is distracted by all this to launch a blitzkrieg into South Korea and Seoul will become a smoking crater (possibly radioactive, but North Korea has conventional missiles that can accomplish this), ...

And Dubya will finally have his Armageddon (insh'Allah God willing)!

Should the above come to pass, I will look for each of you at whichever interment camp I end up. The password will be "Olbermann Spanish Inquisition" - or "I sit I run you up inside my cat", I haven't decided which yet.

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