27 September 2007

Things I Found on the Internets Lately

First, in the comments on Blue Gal's post, Churning, written by StardragonTheCanadian:

Time to review the Big Picture:
We are engaged in an ancient Hippie conspiracy,going back in time to the first campfires of the human race.
For as long as Civilisation continues,uninterrupted,the twentieth century of the Gregorian calendar will be known as the century when the human race learned to read and write.
The year that I was born,fully 60% of the planet was completely illiterate, which meant that the illiteracy rate was the lowest it had ever been in the history of the world!
Today,70% of all people on the planet can read,write,and do sums,which means that for the first time in human existence,the people who can sit down and read a book,write a letter,or plan a budget,are in the majority.
This small fact,unnoticed,uncelebrated,unheralded,and unsung, changes everything!
Everything which has gone before,presupposes,and requires,the existence of large numbers of uneducated people-who no longer exist.
It's all coming apart for the princes of the world,and they don't know why,nor could this knowledge save them. It is too late.
You won't see any sign of it in the MSM,but the dawn of THe Age of Literacy is already upon us.
Of every creed and none,we are the Church of the Printed Word,Universal and Triumphant,and there is none who will stand before us,and say us nay!
"All things are ready, if our minds be so."Now, soldiers, march away:
And how thou pleasest, God, dispose the day!":)


Next, from Quaker Dave:

I would appreciate it very much if all the well-meaning folks (and the not-so well-meaning ones, too) out there who don’t want me to hear what people like Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have to say would do me the favor of letting my double-major college-educated, Master’s degree-earning, two teaching certificate- using coconut think for itself.


See, I am an American. And unlike the average Iranian, I have the right to hear things that might offend my government, and more importantly, views which might offend me. Because I can think for myself. That’s one of the things that going to college is supposed to teach you.
read the whole thing at The Quaker Agitator.

Badtux, the Snarky Penguin, has a wonderful comparison of RomneyHillaryCare -v- Medicare For All.

Rana, over at Frogs and Ravens, has a great post about environmentalism (make sure to read the comments).

That is all for now.

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