02 July 2009

When Hot Is Actually Cool

I had to get up early this morning (alarm set for 6, but we woke up a little before that) and go the the Centro Multicultural (where I'm teaching English, yes?) to meet the boss and go on a field trip to Siquirres, which is over near the Caribbean coast, and give a talk to high school students about holidays in the United States. I was told -- more than once -- that where we were going was going to be hot, which makes sense because we're near the equator here (10°N) and Siquirres is near the coast and the land is barely above sea level, as opposed to the 4000+ft elevation we enjoy here in San Rafael de Heredia.

As luck would have it, though, it was a cloudy, drizzly day on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, so it wasn't really very hot after all -- so I didn't melt into the predicted puddle. :)

On the way back I took some pictures, and here are a couple of them. I'll post more tomorrow and tell you more about the trip.

In the flat lands... notice the lack of topography.

Climbing back up into the mountains... notice the abundance of topography -- or, you would notice if we hadn't been in the clouds by this point.


kkryno said...

Strngely; the second pic reminds me of Valdez in the summer. Pretty, though.

Unknown said...

Topography covered by fog is still there right?

Did you enjoy talking about our weird ass holidays and what we do on said days?