01 July 2009

Am I a Bad Influence?

In the three months I've been here, I have gotten Jen hooked on Ballykissangel (alas, I only have Series One and haven't been able to find online episodes yet),Big Bang Theory (seen all eps to date, waiting eagerly for the new fall season), and now Doctor Who (we're still on the Chris Eccleston episodes, so no spoilers for her, please).

This is a woman who doesn't watch TV -- although, it could be argued that since we're watching episodes stored online (or DVD in the case of BallyK), we're still not watching "TV" per se.

So, have I corrupted her?


Anonymous said...

Heh. Looks like a blog war brewing here b/w "corrupted or not corrupted."

lisahgolden said...

I think you are a very dangerous man.