09 July 2009

I'm All Delimmanated, But I'm Still A-postin' It

According to Teh Google, it's Nikola Tesla's birthday, so they've got this image:

However, according to Wikipedia, his birthday is tomorrow.

So, whichever, he was a visionary scientist (but couldn't take care of finances to save his hide) who doesn't really get the respect he deserves.

"This publicity photo taken at Colorado Springs was a double exposure. Tesla posed with his 'magnifying transmitter' capable of producing millions of volts of electricity. The discharge shown is twenty-two feet in length."
(photo and text via PBS online)

Happy 153rd Birthday, Mr. Tesla, today or tomorrow!!


Jennifer said...

Only very exceptional people have birthdays on two consecutive days. It took the US Department of State to turn me into one of them.

Unknown said...

Tesla, the band wasn't half bad either! ;p

Poor Jenn, those asshats at the State Dept couldn't find their butt's with two hands..I swear to Buddha!

The Cunning Runt said...

Yes indeed, Happy Birthdays to a genius of the highest order!

BTW, I'd die to take a photo like that.

I mean, really die!