11 July 2009

She Who Has Yet To Be Named

My teaching gig is growing; today I started a new, bi-weekly, class at a local business -- the class arranged through the Centro Multicultural. It's a small group, the folks who work at the business, and it is a beginners' level conversational English class. I was a bit nervous about it, because they speak little English and I speak little Spanish (although I'm working on that, too).

But it turned out well, as in most classes of any type, there are those who are more advanced, in this case one student who assisted me in translating for those who aren't as far along.

Also, I'll be starting another Level III (intermediate-upper intermediate) class next Monday (the 20th), so... more hours, more pay, yay!

But that's not what this post is about. This post is about the Great Thanksgiving Massacree... no, wait. It's not about that, either. It's about what happened after the class. Oh. And it's about today is my birthday. Did I mention that?

Jen (and the girls) had dropped me off at the class, and then came to pick me up after. And Jen said she wanted to take me somewhere "for about an hour or so" for my birthday. I was intrigued, as one doesn't often get taken somewhere. So we dropped the girls off with their dad for a while, and then down the road a bit... to the local no kill shelter! And Jen said, "Would you like a kitty for your birthday?"

Well, does the Pope want a little wine with Mass? Do Republicans want a little hypocrisy with breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/every iota of their being?... Where was I?

Oh, right!!

I got a kitteh for my birthday!!!!!

This is her, just after we picked her from the dozen or so kitties. When Jen and I walked into the kitty room, she ran over to me and started kneading my shoe with her front feet. We looked around, but I was pretty much hooked at first glance/knead.

You can see that she still has the zip tie ID tag that all the kitties have. The shelter is really cool, and even has a website (in English, to boot!)

Here she is when we got her home after her spaying. She was still groggy from surgery when I took that, but since then she has recovered her spunky, playful self.* The deal with the shelter is that adoption is free, with a ¢3000 (about $6) donation suggested, and the will spay (or neuter, as appropriate) the animal before you take it home.

As you can see, she's just a Li'l Bit o' Kitteh, and she has yet to let me know her name -- although there are a couple that may be in the running. So for now, I'm calling her Li'l Bit or ... She Who Has Yet To Be Named. Kinda like a Voldekitteh for you Harry Potter fans. Stay tuned for more on these exciting developments, and now I leave you for... cake!!! (chocolate with peanut butter icing -- YUMMY!!!)

*SWHYTBN has already played with string, yarn, paper balls, and tried to scoot out the front door -- twice.


The Cunning Runt said...

Wow - a kitteh and a birthday on the same day!

Congrats, Cuz! :)

Julie said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect! She is adorable! When I told Lyra that she has a new first cousin down CR way, she flipped over on her back and scooted across the rug. That's her new way of expressing utter delight.

Welcome, SWHYTBN! Swa-Hight-bun - it has a certain melodic and rhythmic charm ...

Happy Birthday Baby Brother-

Ouyangdan said...

Happy Birthday!

And she is about the cutest little Voldekitteh I have laid eyes on in a good while! What a sweet little bit!

Jennifer said...

Julie - Robin put "SWHYTBN" up in fridge magnets last night. I told Bob that if he wants to pronounce it, it would pretty much be "Sweet Bun", but he didn't go for it. Of course that does open a whole new genre of potential names...Eclair, Bear Claw, Jelly Roll, Cream Filled...(why no, I haven't had breakfast yet, why do you ask?)

giggles said...

Now THAT'S how to pick a kitteh!!!! Happy Birthday!!

"Shytobin" in my mind...though I suspect she's not shy.....

kkryno said...

I think that she picked you! She will have a loving home with all of you guys! I can't believe I missed your birthday!

Umm--is there still any cake? =)