21 July 2009

Praise Hymn... or Maybe Not. Who Knows?

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but there is a church directly behind our building. My kitchen window looks out on the roof of it, and there is a double door on the side of the church just off to the left of my window that they open up -- for cross-ventilation (hee) -- whenever there's a service going on. Which is daily, and twice -- or possibly thrice -- on Saturday. We have yet to figure out what the denomination is, btw.

Now, as you might have surmised, they speak Spanish in the services. And, as you know, I'm still a Spanish neophyte (although I'm taking a class now). So I really can't understand what's being said.

Thing is, it doesn't really sound like churchy stuff -- except for the hymns. Oh, and speaking of, wow. These people don't "have Jesus in their heart" when they sing. Unless all the hymns in their book are supposed to be dirges.


I was just fixing myself some dinner, and could hear the sermonificating or speechifying or whatever, and I swear, the tone sounded more like accounting instructions than "Praise Jesus" (or, for all I know Cthulu or FSM). I mean seriously, I grew up in a whitey white white Methodist church, and these people make that congregation sound like the crowd in Legba's (where you been boy? He done changed his name to Scratch!) juke joint at the end of Crossroads.


Anonymous said...

They don't sing and when they do it's depressing? Their sermons sound like the reading aloud of stereo instructions?

Gotta be Roman Catholic.

The Cunning Runt said...

Cuz, I went to witness my Bro get baptized in a Spanish-speaking Pentecostal church last year, and they had such a kickin' electric rock/gospel band that they had to have a plexi-glass wall set up around the drummer to keep from blowing the windows out!

I swear, if you didn't sing out loudly enough, the person next to you would flail you with a tambourine!!