10 July 2009


Regarding yesterday's post (what? you don't need a link, it's right below this one), I have figgered out that Teh Google, outside the USofA, must use GMT as their time. Makes sense, they have to choose somewhere, and that is, literally, "Mean Time" -- the world standard.

So, that's six hours ahead of here (no DST in Costa Rica), so when I noticed the Nikola Tesla graphic, it was already Friday in Greenwich.

So Google and Wiki were actually in agreement. I know you'll all sleep better tonight knowing that the conundrum of The Two All-Knowing Sites Disagreeing is solved.


Jennifer said...

So I'm the only one with two consecutive birthdays then?

splord said...

S'cause ye're special.

Jennifer said...

Then I'll split the Specialness with you and be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday 'cause it's the 11th somewhere.

Jennifer said...

(Does this mean people need to start wishing me a happy birthday starting on the first from now on?)