15 July 2009

This Post Is Not Oblong

Okay, so I guess four days in a row is enough posting about the new kitteh (but she's doing great, and even learning boundaries -- a bit).

Only problem is, I don't have anything else to post about. I haven't been watching the Sotomayor Confirmation hearings, Michael Jackson's still dead, and we haven't yet been to see the new Harry Potter movie (although we do plan on trying to go this weekend... hopefully the hordes of youngsters in Heredia will have descended, viewed, and thinned out a bit by then).

So... what else is happening in the wide world other than Sotomayor and Potter?


The Cunning Runt said...

I think Bastile Day came and went...

kkryno said...

I have 11 (yes; eleven) relatives at my house.

I can't even find my book and my glasses at the same time!