23 January 2008

With Special Thanks To My Central American Connection

Yesterday Jen posted some old family photos, which reminded me of some that I have. Viola! Instant post, just add text. Which I'm doing. Right now. Or, rather, was doing. I've done it by now, because you, Dear Reader, are reading it. But if I'm just now writing it, how can you be.... my head hurts.

Why don't you look at some photos, while I apply a cold compress....

These oh, so joyful people are my paternal great-grandparents and the photo
was taken some time in the late 19th or very early 20th Century.

These are the newly wed children of the above people, my
Granddaddy (Thomas) Ed and Grandmother "Swoots" (Virdia Mae) .
This photo was taken around 1910.
Note the beginnings of silliness.

This is my dad, Thomas Edgar, Jr. and was taken in 1958, at the
homestead my family had staked in Alaska. The silliness, it grows.

C'est moi! Taken in 2001. The silliness has reached epic proportions.

So there you have it. Four generations of the Speaks family and the evolution of silliness all in one post. My work here is done.

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