26 January 2008

Phydeaux Sings

As I've mentioned before, I spent several summers a while back in the outdoor drama Horn in the West, up in Boone, NC. I was on contract as a chorus member, originally signed as a bass (at the time I was a 1st tenor). But I was also the understudy for one of the principal roles, Preacher Isaiah Sims. The actor who played the Preacher graciously took off one night each summer, so that I could take the role. As this was officially not allowed, he would make sure to schedule something - a doctor's appointment or such - that would insure he was not there for the cast call that night. So, technically, I wasn't to know that I was going on... but he always told me in advance which night it would be.

In 1996, a good friend of mine was working in the box office, and I told her that she might want to come down to the amphitheater to see the show on the night Darrell had arranged to not be there. She talked to a man, who had been videotaping the shows to create a copy for sale only to cast members (we never got to see it, being on stage) at the end of the season, and asked him if he could be there that night to videotape my performance, for her to have. He agreed. (she was/is gorgeous, so could convince a man to do almost anything... trust me on that)

So, I have a copy of it on tape (which I hope to get transferred to DVD soon). The following is an excerpt of the pre-show entertainment, which consisted of a quartet singing period songs. I recorded it off my tv, so the quality isn't the best, but here it is:

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