04 January 2008

A Question For My Loyal Readers...

...and anyone else who happens by.

Let us say that you met someone about a month ago. This person is a friend of your neighbor, who is staying with said neighbor for an undetermined time period. You've spoken to this person three, maybe four times.

Then this conversation takes place...

Person: What are you doing in the morning?
You: Not sure 'til morning.
Person: Do you think you could give me a ride to [temp agency] around 5:30?
You: (looking at Person wide eyed) 5:30 AM? Like, before daylight?
Person: That's when they open.

What would you say/do?

A couple of points to consider before you answer:

1) Look at the time stamp on this post. It is about the time you normally go to bed.
2) Well, there isn't really a #2, except to repeat... you hardly know this person, but you do know that agreeing to this is likely to lead to multiple requests for rides to various places... because Person doesn't even have a driver's license, much less a car.

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