25 January 2008


(Taking a break from posting vids and tests to actually write something)

People tend to look back on ancient societies as backwards and not advanced, but I believe we can learn a lot from them, and that they were, at least some of them, more advanced in the ways that truly matter than what we have now.

For example, the Celts (or, Keltoi, as they were known by the Greeks). I'm not sure how much you know about what is known of ancient Celtic society and philosophy, but what I have read of it says that they believed in balance above all. Brehon Law, which has existed since as early as 2300BC, covers all aspects of the Irish Celtic society and sets out guidelines (and punishments) in accord to the principle of Balance. In all things - from no good without evil to not destroying unless you build up.

The Celts also were great believers in Honor (much like Klingons). From the above link:

The reason for [Brehon Law‘s] unparalleled strength and longevity was the sense of honor held by the people whom it governed. The laws were laws of users. That is, they attained their authority from public opinion. They were an expression of the moral power of the people. That moral power was the code of honor reflected throughout both ancient law and wisdom texts. An individuals[sic] word was his or her bond.

All in all, a better outlook, IMHO, than the one we have in today's society. But, that’s not what this post is about. Well, it is, but tangentially.

This post is about Balance, but not the Celts. It’s about balance in my life. And all our lives.

I try to be as balanced as possible in all things, like my Celtic ancestors. I learned, at an early age, about recycling things (which, at the time was more of a re-use) and to not let anything go to waste. Empty soda bottles (remember how good sodas were back then?) were either returned for a nickel apiece or used as a bit of color in some project, such as a rock retaining wall or a hearth. Clothes were either handed down or, if no longer wear-worthy, used as rags. Newspapers became mulch in between the rows of veggies in the garden.
Today, I use the recycling center for the small amount of non-reusable things I have. I also plan my driving so as to accomplish whatever needs driving to do in as efficient a manner as possible. Despite living out in the country (which, btw, isn’t as bucolic as it was when I parked the Secret Lair (aka ‘73 Winnebago) here almost seven years ago), I’ve only averaged about 4500 miles per year on my car. I wear clothes until they are one small step short of rags. I own, at present, two pairs of (wearable) shoes. I dry my clothes on the clothesline whenever possible (not only does that save energy, but they smell so good when they dry in the sun). I have two lamps that I use to light the interior of the SL. Etc., etc....

And yet, to help balance out the excessive habits of most Americans, I feel I should be doing much more.

Also? I’m still not talking about what I started this post to talk about....

Since I started this blog 329 days ago, I have made friends with people from all over the US, and beyond. Some are “comment acquaintances”, some are good online phriends, and some I have been lucky enough to meet in the real world and become even closer to. (Btw, I hope that eventually, I can meet all of my new phriends) Knowing all of you has brought me much pleasure, and continues to do so. I look forward to what the future brings with each and every one of you.

Alas, there must be Balance.

(Yes, believe it or not, I’m gonna tie all the above threads together... at least, I hope I am)

There’s this person, in the real world, about whom I have written before. Since the event described in that post, he has continued to pester, bother and bug me in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Telling me about things that, frankly, there are only two or three people in the whole world about whom I wish to have that detailed amount of knowledge. And he ain’t one of them.
  • Waking me up, after knowing that I had only been asleep for a couple of hours, to ask me to give him a ride to apply for a job. I agree, thinking that if he is working a) he won’t be next door all day bugging me, b) he might be able to get a car, and then not bug me for further rides, and c) he already fucking woke me up so why not. He then proceeds shoot the shit with the potential employer for an hour as I wait in the car.
  • Insisting on going along when Neighbor and I go to repair shop to pick up Neighbor’s car... apparently just so he could yammer on about things immaterial the whole way.
  • Yelling from next door to ask me if I could come over for a moment. I put on coat, scarf, etc., walk over and he says: “God, it’s fucking cold!” Me: “Yeah, it is. Whatchya need?” Him: “That’s all, it’s fucking cold. Ha ha ha!”

So, what I’m trying to figure is... Who’s balancing whom? Have I met all you wonderful people in order to cushion the effect of his presence, or did he show up to counteract the joy and pleasure you all give me?

The rabbits are undecided, so I thought I’d ask you.

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