15 April 2009

You Can't Have A Revolution Without Breaking A Law Or Two, You Know

"We have a million tea bags here, and we don't have a place to put them because it's not on our permit," said Rebecca Wales, lead organizer of D.C. Tea Party.

h/t to Bob Cesca, who adds: "The same thing happened to the Sons of Liberty. Except for the fact that it didn't."

If these teabagging idiots weren't also semi- to abso-fucking-lutely nuts (not to mention owners of assault rifles), then this would be the most hilarious thing ever.


Sherry said...

they are so arrogantly clueless(not to metion racist) that it boggles my mind.

The Cunning Runt said...

It was funnier when I tea-bagged Pearl down at the gym.

Quakerdave said...

Some "revolutuonaries." In my day, we would've dumped the tea and let The Man cart us off to the Big House.