30 April 2009

Hot Dish* Dinner

Fixin' to go upstairs for dinner... made my Mom's famous tuna casserole (maybe if y'all are real nice I'll post the recipe -- I bet it's different from what you've had before) and we're gonna see how the girls like it.

Have a good evening everybody!

*no, I'm not from Minnesota, but I've been a fan of A Prairie Home Companion since the early 1980s.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for that; it was as good as ever. Like your new tag, too.

Julie said...

You've come a long way since the golden days of Cereal High Cuisine, if you're cooking like Mom now!

-Your loving sister

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Gosh, I love tuna casserole and Garrison is my hero.

Have a fantastic weekend.