11 April 2009

Was It Pretty? You Betcha!

As Jen said this morning, we went on a day trip to see some pretty. The aforementioned pretty included Irazu Volcano, the Orosi Valley and points in between.

I only took a few pictures, cause my camera will only hold a few pictures (note to self: get a memory card soonish). Yes, there was some pretty. And hopefully, Jen will post some of her pics soon. ;)

First up, OMGBootz!! As most of you know, Jen really likes purple, so these boots we saw were the object of much wanting:

But seriously, folks, we did see some awfully pretty stuff. These two pictures were taken from the top of Irazu... which is 3432m (~10900ft) above sea level, which was a good deal higher than any elevation I've ever before experienced. In fact, it was above the clouds:

It was nice and cool up there, if a bit airless. Look here (and at Jen's) for more pics to come!


kkryno said...

What a beautiful place!

I have to agree with Jen on the boots, but my oldest daughter would probably steal them from me.


The Cunning Runt said...

I totally LOVE being above the clouds!

Beautiful pics, My Phriend. :)