12 April 2009

Today In Unnecessary Signage

Jen took this picture yesterday (after I referred to a similar sign sited elsewhere near the summit) up on Irazú -- which, by the way, I erred in my conversion from meters to feet; it's actually 11,260ft above sea level.

Now, this is a volcano that is still active... the last eruption began in 1963 (which was a very good year) and lasted until 1965, so I ask you, is it really necessary to have a DANGER sign posted?

Yes, I know the sign refers to the crater itself, but... it's a freakin' volcano, which, by their very nature, are not safe places.


ouyangdan said...

There is a sign on Hawai'i's Big Island that is surrounded by hardened lava which is blocking the only road leading to it which reads: Road Closed.

Now I have to try to find it.

Lockwood said...

Volcanoes aren't neccesarily dangerous- or any more dangerous than any other topographic feature like a cliff, or a mountain or a river. Most aren't currently active. That one, however, appears to have an active vent. CO2 is one of the more abundant volcanic gasses. It is dense and will pool in still conditions... and that appears to be an enclosed crater. Which means that someone might wander down into the crater and suffocate while reassuring themselves that the volcano looks really still, so it can't hurt them. Then there's the whole liability thing. You know, like labeling insecticide with "not intended for internal use." If anything, the problem with the sign is that it isn't specific enough: the danger is most likely not what most people would guess it to be. So they're cautious about the wrong thing, and oblivious to the thing that'll get 'em.

The Cunning Runt said...

"Caution, volcano is hot. Do not leap into volcano.