22 April 2009

Since It Is Earth Day And All....

Google's artwork for this year:

So, I guess I won't be going up on Mount Mitchell (highest peak east of the Mississippi River) this year, as I'm over 600 leagues from there. This has been my usual Earth Day activity for years. I normally find a spruce seedling part way up the mountain and transplant it to near the top (because almost all of the ones up there have been killed by pollution -- mostly the acid rain and sulpher fallout from the TVA coal plants upwind)

Since I'm in Costa Rica now, here are some pictures taken from Mount Mitchell that I found online:

The old observation tower, since removed.

The new observation platform.

The view to the northeast.

Looking northwest toward Tennessee.

More photos, video and lots of info on the park (in case you're gonna be in the area) here.


Sherry said...

oh WOW!!!!

The Cunning Runt said...

That's a beautiful place, Dude. But as I'm nearly as far away as you, I'll have to settle (!) for a Spring jaunt up Mount Washington!