06 April 2009

I've Been Here A Semi-month

It's hard to believe that I've only been here in Costa Rica for two weeks (dos semanas). But that's all it's been (well, and six hours). I aready feel like I live here, ya know?

So, when Jen got home from work this afternoon we went to do some shopping (cause I need new clothes and stuff and I don't know where anything is -- I've only been here two weeks, after all. :) ).

Our tasks for the afternoon took us to Barva, which, I've read somewhere, is the oldest village in the area, and I managed to get this shot of the old church on the main square as we drove by:

And then later we went to the local superstore to look for some things that we didn't find, but did that stop us? Oh, no it didn't! We bought other stuff. This store, by the way is not WalMart. It's Hyper More, see:

(and I don't care that it's owned by WallyWorld (well, I do, but....) -- it doesn't say WalMart, so it isn't one.)


kkryno said...

What a beautiful place! (The church not the Hiper-Mas.)

Dusty said...

Wally World is global eh? figures..

konagod said...

I hope you are having a blast down there! Sounds like fun!

Lisa said...

I'm thinking this is just so cool! What an adventure for you.

The Cunning Runt said...

Man, I'm smiling like a stoned fool! ;)

That's like, man.


The best of everything to you all, My Friends!