19 April 2009

I Don't Care If I Can Save A Lot....

So, it's Sunday, right?

Day of rest and all that, right?

So, why did an insurance seller show up? Why?
(click to embiggen)
Just waltzed right into my hallway.


Jennifer said...

Must be that foxy purple car parked out front.

ouyangdan said...

As much as I don't miss the cockroaches that drew them to our house, I miss having geckos everywhere.

I was never able to catch a picture of them b/c they moved too durned fast.

konagod said...


Dusty said...

How cute!!! You let him out right?

Happy 420 to you as well m'dear friend. :)

The Cunning Runt said...

Be happy it was that insurance salesman - he shits a lot less than the duck!