09 April 2009

Holy Purple, Dude!!

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon, for to get a good deck of cards. Since this is Semana Santa (aka, the Catholic-- okay, all Christian -- Holy Week) Jen knew that some of the stores might be closed. But she thought that one in particular would be the best bet, so off we went.

Just down the street, afore ever we reached the nearest corner, we spied this:

"It's purple!!"

Still on our way to the one store, we got to the square in the middle of town, which, as usual around here, was next to the church:

(don't tell God that I'm proud of that pic, cause Pride is one of the Seven Deadlies)

...and then finally to the One True Store.

Which was closed. So we got ice cream cones and went back to the park and sat and ate them. Then we looked in about forty-leven other stores -- okay, three -- before finding some. Which were purchased and have already begun the process of being broken in (and are also involved in some reputation-rebuilding, or so I'm told). Two-handed Spades, don't you know.

On tap for tonight, some tuna casserole and Harry Potter movie action. And probably more cards, too.


Steve said...

wish I could fly down and be the third hand in that spades game! (that didn't sound dirty did it?)
Glad you 2 are doing well brother

kkryno said...

Those are wonderful pics!

Good luck with the card challenge.