16 April 2009

Quote of the Day, Blowing My Own Horn Edition

Keeping up in today's world is all about transfer of information. We are all effected by the events in the world around us, and without a fast, affordable and open internet, we cannot make informed, educated decisions. Those who oppose fast, affordable and open internet access oppose intelligence and the exercising thereof. They desire a nation of sheep that can be led to the trough of whatever-the-latest-faux-outrage-is, so that they may increase and perpetuate their lust for power.

This is why we must all speak up in favor of nation- (and, indeed, world-) wide broadband. Only by being educated can we choose wisely and improve the human condition.

-- Me, filling out an online survey from Freepress.net


Dusty said...

Well said Bob. I think the major problem however is the corporate turds who want to control and make money off the intertubes..they are the ones that fight tooth and nail against a free internet.

Greed, once again, raises it's fugly head.

Steve said...

why do you hate amurica? :)

Well said my phreind

The Cunning Runt said...

I have a great idea - let's apply the same principles which sunk our economy to everything in the universe!Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaaaa!!

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