28 April 2009

Annals of Stupididity


Just one question. Has the Gummint not heard of PhotoShop -- or, if they're tight for cash, GIMP?


Jennifer said...

Srsly. And it might have been, you know, eleventy thousand times cheaper to hire a really good 'shopper than to fly three jets even a tiny short distance.

Also, is it me, or does it look like a really crappy day for a sky-based photo shoot out there anyway?

Bit of a banner day for the inane, no?

Ouyangdan said...

Who, for the love of Al Gore, comes up w/ these ideas? I mean, really, I'd love to shake the hand of the person who, while looking in the mirror one morning spit out hir toothpaste and cried "I've got the best idea EVAH!". I want to congratulate them on this momentous event in the history of dumb ideas.

I should totally blog that comment...

Dusty said...

Stupidity? How about downright fuckwitted?