21 September 2009

Taking This "Fall" Thing A Bit Too Seriously

Yesterday it was my monitor and coffee press. I'm using the monitor we bought last month, until we can find a good price on a replacement, so I have been able to edit and can now show you an "after" photo of the press:

Today? Raxi (seen here being all innocent and shit):

knocked my plastic travel mug (that the wondrous Lisa gave me) off the counter and the freaking handle broke off. I have no photo of that yet. The pain is too fresh in my mind.

So, anyway, the Autumnal Equinox will be happening on Tuesday (22 Sept) at 21:18 UTC, which will be 5:15pm EDT and 3:18pm here in Central America. I'll be busy after I get back from class tomorrow, putting every. thing. I. own. on the floor -- and keeping the cat away from it all.

Good luck everyone!


kkryno said...

Silly Raxi!!


Unknown said...

Hey, it's their job to fuck up our shit isn't it?

Steve said...

a pun?
no not a pun one of those things that sounds the same backwards as forwards a palindrome?

sorry couldn't resist with he "fall" punnage happening