05 September 2009

Ooh, What Was That?

That, my friends, was a 4.5 earthquake centered about 100 miles south-southeast of here. Which, by the way, is just about as far as one can go from here and still be in Costa Rica. And here being, of course, San Rafael de Heredia, just north of San José.

This earthquake stuff is still pretty new to me, so it was cool. Thought I felt something but I wasn't sure, then the whole place just went /shake/ for about a half-second.

Raxi didn't even wake up from her snoozing on the chair next to me.


Ouyangdan said...

I lived in CA for two years, and the only indication of an earthquake was seeing ripples in a glass of water ala Jurassic Park. I move to Hawai'i, and they have the worst one in over 40 years. I remember thinking it was kind of cool, then. Even though the power was out for a whole day. Island living at its finest!

Ouyangdan said...

Oh, and I also remember being shaken awake by it, but The Kid slept through it and the several aftershocks.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, my kids rarely wake up. I thought I was a little more tuned in, but I totally slept through this one.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty decent jolt. I have lived in Cali for so long, being a native, that quakes are more of a nuisance than anything to me.

Birds are supposed to feel them before we do, and my parrot I had for decades always would, screaming like a banshee and bashing herself against the bars to get out if it was a decent sized one. That would always wake me up.

Then, she wouldn't sleep in her cage for a week. She had to sleep on me.