02 September 2009

Night Sounds

So, for those paying attention, you will recall that I lived in the Asheville, NC area before I moved down here to Costa Rica to be with Jen. I lived there for ten years, and before that I lived in Boone, NC and before that... well, I lived my whole life in the mountains of North Carolina.

Along about the beginning of August every year, the katydids come out. You hear them every night from then until first frost, when they burrow underground to hibernate. When I was living in the Secret Lair outside of Asheville, I was in the woods, and the katydids were all around me. At times they were so loud that I couldn't hear the music on my stereo, or would have to turn the TV up all the way to hear the movie (or whatever).

I guess I lived with the sound of the katydids for so long that it is now an ingrained part of me, because when I go to bed at night now -- when it's all quiet -- I hear this (not recorded by me, but my a YouTuber in Western NC):

And there are no katydids around here. But I still hear them.

It's nice.

(also, to get the full effect of what it sounded like around the Secret Lair this time of year, crank the sound all the way up)


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

They're as loud as ever this year. I turned off the AC and opened our windows and even though we live in the city we have to turn the TV up at night.

Unknown said...

I remember them from my years in VA. Even though I lived in Mclean VA, the katydid's where there..loud and clear. :)