04 September 2009

Endangered Species

The TV journalist who tells the truth:

Wow. Shame there's not more of that kind of reportage.

(h/t to Bob Cesca)


Unknown said...

I watched that segment live today. I really do like his friday feature on MSNBC. John Harwood is a gift we must appreciate. I think he is a true centrist, which isn't always a bad thing ya know. ;)

The Cunning Runt said...

Yes, tell it like it is!

We're battling liars and stupid people. I'm SO not looking for a middle ground with that crowd.

Big Fella said...

"The TV journalist who tells the truth."

John Harwood, though, is first and foremost a print journalist who happens to do some TV. However, unlike many performers on TV in commentator or newscaster positions, Harwood does have the journalistic chops and integrity to find and speak the truth.

And yes many Americans are stupid, whether they think the president speaking to our children is some how wrong, or whether they believe any of the other doom and gloom hooey coming from the far right.

seev said...

Yes, and I'm sure racism is involved too. The stupid people, many of them, are unable to handle that the president is not 100% white.