05 March 2009

To Prove I Can See Videos, I'll Post One

I am firmly of the belief that what you (or I) believe is up to you (or me), and your beliefs have no control over me (or vice versa). AKA, your rights end where mine begin.

Ergo, my personal beliefs make no never mind. And the reverse is equally true.

But whatever your belief system, if you are a rational person you should find this funny:

(I got it from Bill, who got it from PZ, who got it from....)


Unknown said...

LMFAO...give to your local MEGACHURCH today!

Am I going to hell now? ;p

joshhill1021 said...

LMFAO...that was so disturbingly funny. Since I laughed at this, am I going to hell too?

Steve said...

missing children may or may not be returned home safely?

I pray to Maude this was a parody