06 March 2009

I May Never Be The Same Again

Whatever you do, do not go and read this post.

I think I'm gonna be ill.

ETA: Link is repaired.


Lockwood said...

Ya know... if it would keep limpdick and goater occupied, that'd be just fine with me. The poor fetus would never come to term; it would strangle itself with its own umbilical cord about the fourth or fifth month.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Could not get the link to work. Have a great weekend.

kkryno said...

I can't imagine the horror! I also can't decide whom I dislike (to put it nicely) more of the two. Leave it to Geraldo to come up with that great plan!

Of course; with all the Oxy-abuse, I'm not sure Lim-bo would be capable.

Mustang Bobby said...

I get "Page Load Error," Bob.

Unknown said...

Trashcan Annie is really a male (the adams apple gives her away)...so it's impossible for them to procreate.

Thank-fucking-gawd! ;)