02 March 2009

But What About All The Comments?

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the changes included with the new look (and name) of the place was to stop using Haloscan. As most of you already know, Haloscan was bought out last summer by JS-Kit. They are supposedly migrating all users to the JS-Kit platform, and, as such, apparently stopped doing support on Haloscan, so the performance of that commenting system has been steadily going downhill. As long time commenters on any site that has used Haloscan know, there have been problems aplenty with Haloscan for some time.

It has pretty much become unreliable for those of us who don't have upgraded (meaning paid) accounts, so I decided to not link this new template to it. I still have the account and can access the comment archives, and all the comments are still there.

I have looked at JS-Kit before (last year when I was first looking for a new platform for the Phyre), but found it to be unwieldy and confusing. They say they're working on it, and it may well become easier to use soon. And if that happens, I can supposedly import all the old Haloscan commments into the new platform, and thereby restore all your glorious ruminations on my posts.

But until I'm sure the new is better than the regular Blogger comment platform? Not gonna change.

I will be looking for something a bit more ... vibrant ... than the Blogger comment platform for use in the Phyre, which, yes, I do intend on continuing, despite my slackitudiness of the past few weeks. A lot of that has been due to wanting an easy and fun commenting platform which Haloscan definitely no longer was.

Anyway, that's what's up with that.

Carry on.


Steve said...

my experience has been if you write a boring blog you don't get many comments hence no problem with hell-o-scam

not that that has been my experience at my own blog. i mean it happened to someone else i knew. yeah that's it

Utah Savage said...

You write a boring blog? Never! I won't hear of it. I like not having to put my reading glasses on to read the little word verification thingy.

Unknown said...

I adore your new template Bob.

As for Haloscan...I am staying with it because I like the ability to ban certain assholes comments from my blogs.