06 March 2009

CTA*: Tell Congress To Impeach Judge Jay Bybee

Email received this morning:

Dear Friend,

When presidents and federal judges take office, they must swear to support and defend the Constitution. But federal judge Jay Bybee worked long and hard to undermine the Bill of Rights - and to make sure that President George W. Bush could do the same.

On March 2, the Justice Department released a series of legal memos, some authored by Jay Bybee, that made a mockery of the Constitution, and gave the Bush Administration legal cover to wiretap Americans without court approval, to send prisoners oversees where they were likely to be tortured, to use U.S. military forces for domestic purposes, and a number of other actions that previously would have been considered unconstitutional.

For his service, Bybee was rewarded by the Bush administration with a federal judgeship. Working Assets (now CREDO) worked to oppose that nomination, but only 19 senators sided with us, and Bybee was overwhelmingly confirmed. Now that we know the extent of the horrors he authorized - the extent to which he worked against our own Constitution - Bybee must be impeached.

I just took action to tell my representative to impeach Judge Bybee. I hope you will, too.

Please have a look and take action.


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