04 March 2008

The View From Above

Yesterday I worked in downtown Asheville, helping Gentleman Farmer try to track down a leak that we thought we had fixed on the roof of one of his properties. Leaks are a strange thing, as the old saying goes - they're not a problem when the sun is shining, and when it's raining, you can't go up on the roof to fix them.

Anyway, we located another possible way for water to be working its way into the building and addressed it.

While I was up there I took some photos (click images to embiggen):

Looking Northeast, the sprawling, tile roofed building off in the distance is the Grove Park Inn, which some of you may have heard of. If you want to visit Asheville and stay in fine accommodations, that's your best bet.

Looking East, in the background you can see where they cut a mountain in two to build an interstate spur years and years ago. No one could have foreseen that slicing through a ridge like that would change weather patterns (*rolls eyes*).

Street view, Battery Park Ave. Note the tree just about to burst into spring foliage.

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