11 March 2008

Fun With Screen Caps ... And A Milestone

First, an ironic Google Ads juxtaposition:

so you can start a religious discussion and then scrog like rabbits during the breaks!

And, second, the milestone:

I would like to thank the Academy, my fellow Bloggers, and all the little people without whom this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you, Ares! (since it's a Tuesday, and I refuse to use the Romanized name)

So, 10k hits in a year and 11 days (and, actually, it's a year and 6 days, because I didn't sign up for Sitemeter until 5Mar07 ... wev). Not too shabby, I don't think.

Onward and upward! The Acropolis or bust!! ... oh, I mean ... next stop 100,000! Thanks, everybody, for visiting my humble online abode.

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