03 May 2009

A Pleasant Discovery

A few days ago I was over on the YouTubes looking at something, and saw a vid listing for an episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I clicked on it and watched a couple minutes before I remembered that I had really never gotten into the show.

Especially not like I had been into ST:The Next Generation and ST:Deep Space Nine. I'd looked before on YouTube for episodes of those two shows, without luck, but decided to search again -- not only had it been months, but I am no longer in the US, and have noticed that other videos that "are unavailable in your country" when I was in the States I had been able to watch.


I've found complete seasons of both TNG and DS9! And the videos have been posted for several months, so it doesn't appear to be a case of They-Just-Haven't-Caught&Removed-Them-Yet.

It's been very nice to have these "old friends" to rewatch during the times I'm not otherwise engaged.

Not to mention giving me something about which to post on this rainy Sunday. :)


Mauigirl said...

Glad you found those series on line! I wasn't crazy about Voyager either but also didn't get into DS-9 after awhile - too much about that war they had going on. I am really an Original Series fan, although there were parts of Next Generation I also enjoyed.

Steve said...

glad you have something to watch when needed but Voyager and DS9 (IMHO) were less than stellar
could be worse I guess could be watching enterprise

Ouyangdan said...


Yeah, I get barraged w/ those "sorry, this isn't yet available in your country" messages all the time.

I keep searching...and once in a while I strike gold (I was recently able to catch up on Grey's, which was very happy making for me!).