02 May 2009

Had I Known....

A few minutes ago, Jen and Progeny trooped down the stairs and into the Media Room. I lowered the volume of fiction I was just beginning and smiled as I was asked if I was "any good at arcade type games". I, who spent many, many hours battling Galaga and Defender -- not to mention Donkey Kong and Pac-Man (although I just did).

"What the problem is?" I queried.

"I got the magic sugar and eggs and ... but I can't get the magic flour the monkey has on his wall and the bananas I can't get the flour and up the wall I have the keys and the bananas but at the top I can't get the flour from the monkey and save the mom and I tried and I don't know and the monkey has the flour and the keys don't and the bananas..."

"I'll see what I can do."

After Robin showed me how to get to the top of the wall, I tried for a bit and then Taa-Daaa!!! I got the flour to make the magic banana bread (or wev it was). She thanked me and then -- oh, horrors -- Jen told me that I had just saved Television (or so she believed).

Just think, there for a minute the entire span of future was in my hands. I could've saved the world from The Idiot Box.

All I can say in my defense is that I didn't know.

Please to forgive me.


Steve said...

i think you done good Bro!

Anonymous said...

Hero of the Day goes to Bob.

Jennifer said...

Did you not read what he said? He saved television. He should be punished, is what.

(Thanks, though.)

Julie said...

You've been my BB (Biological Bro) for most if not all your life, but SAVING TELEVISION?????? I'm not sure I can forgive that.

Howsomever, making Robin happy might possibly get you out of the hot seat. Just don't let it happen again. The television part I mean, not the Robin part.

Jennifer said...

Maybe next time he can save BallyK and, like, Masterpiece Theatre, and let the rest of it die. I wonder if Nickelodeon makes a game for that?

Unknown said...

Jeez..a little telly salvation? How can that be bad? ;p