06 May 2009

Not Sure Which Is Worse

That there are people who waste time writing things like this*:

MSNBC Hides Obama's Dijon Mustard (aka Dijongate)

Or that there are people who read -- and are incensed by -- such stupid things.

OMG!! He ordered SPICY MUSTARD!!!!!1!!11!!!eleventygazillion!!!!!!!! It's the end of Democaracy and morality and Teh Xtianists are being repressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*(for clarity sake, I'm referring to the article linked in the link, not the link itself)

h/t to Bob Cesca

Added... Paul the Spud posted about this over at Shakesville, and in the comments Liss asked: "Who are these people? What's wrong with them?" to which I replied in part:
What's wrong is they saw all of the non-koolaid-drinkers going on and on during the Bush malAdministration, and saw how popular it was, and they have now co-opted the griping they saw back then. What they are incapable of realizing is that all the hue and cry from "our" side while The Deciderererer was in office was valid, whereas what they are now spouting is stupid, inane pointless bs.


Unknown said...

Idiocy knows no boundaries. Sad ain't it?

Anonymous said...

Ah. A troll with a blog. How original and witty you are, sir.

splord said...

Yes, I (the one with the blog -- posting under my own name and with my picture) am the troll, and the random anonymous commenter is... what exactly?

Unknown said...

An anonymous troll Bob?

The Cunning Runt said...

"...stupid, inane and pointless..." might be applied to both the whining of the Radical Wrong and your, um, "commenter" above.

Except that, unlike Anonymous, the prattling of these talking head nit-wits isn't pointless - they're peddling their bullshit to millions of weak-brained American who think with their little heads and vote with their asses.

I mean, the age old tactic of keeping Hamilton's Beast from eating its masters by sicking it on itself through the magic of othering has reached an unprecedented low when someone's integrity or, by extension, their patriotism can be impugned by pointing out that they eat a different kind of mustard than the Baloney-and-White crowd!

And oh, by the way... could you please pass the Plochman's?